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What’s being high really feel like? 

Delving into the world of weed can be scary and intimidating. We’ve got you covered at Oregon Experts.

In this article, you’ll find Oregon Expert ZBD’s experiences with 10 kinds of different cannabis highs. Enjoy!

Growing up seeing all the media interpretations, I was always curious about marijuana and why people did it. When I was older I remember being so excited to try smoking I could not help but indulge in every meme for “smoke weed everyday”.

My first time passing the joint around I felt like normal, off-the-wall-ZBD me.

The bud was as cheap as my coworker could find it and the only noticeable characteristic was it smelled faintly of skunk.

My body felt a little bit lighter and my clothes felt softer. Nothing new, exciting, or slothful.

 Is this what it’s really like being high?

Short answer is no.

Long answer depends on what you’re smoking, dear reader. I went out to a dispensary with what I deemed an attractive storefront, got a $12 gram that I was assured was “good stuff” and went home to smoke it out of a bong.

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I held a large, icy bong rip as long as possible but soon broke out into a massive coughing fit. I recovered, smiling by myself in the living room.

Time seemed to be moving slowly and I was gliding through it like a russian skater on ice. I grabbed the biggest bowl in my cabinet and looked in the fridge to discover I owned little to no food. Too happy and hungry to care, the munchies had taken over.

I filled the bowl with raw kale and dumped pasta sauce on top and took it to the table to eat in a possesed haze.

Even with the gift of having fancy dinners way out of my tax bracket, including handmade pizza and local wine in rome, and yet nothing has tasted as good as that munchie meal.

That was being high.

Cannabis in 2019, has come a long way and there is what feels like a million strains in Oregon alone. This results in many individualized highs. There’s strains for laying down watching all of the old cartoons on netflixs snacking away like a castaway at a buffet.

Highs that have you blasting your guilty pleasure playlists and moving to the rhythm of the music because your body wants to move.

Certain strains have a high that goes strictly against the stereotype, kush can be a creative, uplifting sativa- even though it’s know to be a ‘sleeper’. It is important to experiment and find the strain best suited for every mood.

What is a thc high like

Here are types of cannabis highs that cannasseurs learn to navigate with grace:

1. “Couch Lock” High

A powerful indica can make two cough-inducing bong rips enough to have me strapped down to my recliner by the sudden heavy pressure of gravity.

I sat there glued to my easy boy, stretched out like a sun warmed kitty and holding my halloween chocolate bowl possessively, and watch almost a full season of spongebob. After a nap in front of the heater I was released from Couch Lock.

Tip! If you need to escape couchlock, take a nap or eat chocolate/sugar! Your blood sugar is low from your cannabis high and needs to recover! Jump start the process by munching on some chocolate to take down your high and then a 15 minute power nap is a golden recipe and secret expert tip.

2. Sleepy High

        Be careful because some strains are more sedative than nyquil. You’re couchlocked, you nap, but then you’re asleep for 10 hours because you’ve been working a bit too hard. It happens. I’ve been overzealous with testing a new indica, coughing heavily and immediately pulling blankets around myself and going to sleep. Then, waking up with makeup and chocolate on my face. I personally cannot resist sweets when the indica takes over.

        (View tip in #1… also, let your body sleep. Self care is key and you need it to be healthy!)

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3. Depressed and Anxious high

        Anxiety and depression have been the two devils on my moody shoulders since I was an awkward brace-faced child, so I can’t say I was surprised when I had a poor experience with the lemony tasting Jack-the -ripper. I suddenly missed my family more than normal and started to cry. As person with delicate emotions, I have a playlist specifically for when I need to chill out, and I keep bath bombs on hand for emergencies. It is important to be in tune with your emotional reactions to strains. I keep mine in a journal so I can ensure I get the best high and know the strains that work for me.

ZBD Top Tip! -> Keep a stoner journal of strains and highs

4. Delightfully Happy High

Reach for a sativa when you’re in the mood for an uplifting high. My personal favorite is Lemon Kush. I smoke a bowl of it and then clean my whole house, meal prep (eat majority of said meal plan), and root along to competitive reality tv show.

Every so often I treat myself to kief and I become the happiest person in Oregon. The high feels light and floaty.

Laughs seem to bubble out uncontrollably and that’s when you know you found a good strain.

5. Creative/Artistic High

        An uplifting sativa like Peaches ‘n Cream can help unlock the Bob Ross in anybody, including me who failed art twice. Start slowly and gradually smoke more until you feel at the peak high to work on your adult coloring book. Nothing is better than sitting in the sun with your bong, creating art, and taking a rip every so often as needed. Colors are more vivid with a creative high, and it makes it easier to get inspired and start new projects.

6. Focused

Stereotypically, getting stoned is equated to being sluggish and unproductive- surprisingly though some strains get you so high and in-the-zone that you meet all your deadlines. When I need to put my nose to the grindstone, focus through chronic mindfog, or need to write, I lean toward Jack Herer or Green Crack. These strains help my mind tune into individual tasks and get them done in a timely manner. When I smoke these, I find myself being productive on my weekends. That is a high I can get behind.

7. Talkative High

        I already love the sound of my own voice, so I have to be extra mindful about talkative strains. This high has me being aggressively extroverted. Blue dream had me and a girl friend feeling higher than the clouds (eliminating our migraines as well) and our words floated freely and endlessly. I told her about my life from birth to the moment we sat there smoking from my petite bubbler. In return, she told me as many high school stories as she could recall. It was one of our biggest bonding talks… ten years prior I thought genuine conversation couldn’t happen while high. I was wrong!

Q’s Top Tip! Remember conversations are a dialogue, not a monologue. Make sure you’re taking comfortable turns talking with everyone partoking.

8. Stupid high

Caricatures of stoners do have a true origin to them. A particularly intense strain, using a new bong or bowl size, or coughing on a fat bong rip can leave you stupidly high. We’ve all been there, myself included. I’ve finished a hit and just felt the smoke raise from my lips I knew I was in for a strong head high. I went to the kitchen and after getting out three separate bowls I finally made it to the fridge to get my pasta. Waiting the two minutes for the microwave felt like torture. Time had all but stopped moving. The pasta did nothing to satisfy me so I moved on to my ice cream and was much happier staring glazed eyed at the netflix on my tiny phone screen right in front of the TV.

9. Too high

Confession time I am a gigantic nerd, I wanted to be a doctor so I could study for 8 more years… so, I questioned all of my stoner friends before I smoked weed. Therefore I was unusually prepared for the first time I got “Too High” I was already in medical debt so I never preemptively go to the ER.

My friend Q told me CBD would help calm me down if I smoked too much, so I made myself tea with coconut cbd oil that Q also happened to gift me. I ate 6 of my fancy dark chocolates and dozed off to 30 rock.

Remember, breath deeply, CBD, and cartoons.

10. Not high enough

        I’ve taken a rip, held it in and exhaled just to feel underwhelmed. It is important to experiment with not only different strains, but also different tools and products. Try a bigger bong, or my newest obsession: a gravity bong. My older sister picked up a cap with a built in metal piece from a dispensary down the block. She screwed it onto a smartwater bottle, and filled a flower vase with water until submerged. The high was different despite smoking the same strain I had smoked out of my six inch bong all week.

Cannabis has many highs to be explored, mix things up with tools and products and your inner stoner will thank you.

The only question left is what high are you trying out first?

Thanks for reading!

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xoxo ZBD and Oregon Experts


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