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The Cannabis extract I bought says it’s BHO.

What does BHO mean? Is it dangerous?

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BHO stands for Butane Hash Oil.

This means butane was used to extract all the goodies from the marijuana bud. THC, Terpenes, and other cannabinoids are extracted from the cannabis flower using butane as the solvent.

Butane is a non-edible solvent used to quickly dissolve all the THC and other cannabinoids in the weed.

If you’re new to the extract world, this sounds intimidating. Don’t worry, it’s a similar process to distilling water, making perfume essences, whiskey, and more. This is the cannabis version. 

The cannabis or marijuana BHO extraction process leaves a sticky residue sometimes called honey oil.

BHO yields several different textures; the purer, clearer form known as glass or shatter is more highly regarded than budder or wax crumble. All forms are great for dabbing, making edibles, or just a tasty addition to a bowl of bud.

Whether you get honey oil, wax, or shatter depends on how you process the Butane Hash Oil. By a professional chemist, (not to be attempted without education and training, please!),  tube of cannabis bud is flushed with liquid butane.

The most beneficial medicinal components are extracted along with THC and the other cannabinoids.

A primary concern in the BHO process is if any solvent remains; the procurator must take extreme care and caution to remove all traces of the butane.

There are questions about the safety of BHO. The handling of butane can be dangerous without proper precautions.

Concerns about consumption of trace amounts? We need to remember we regularly consume small amounts of butane every time a lighter is used. Buying products made by reputable professionals is the most reliable way to minimize any butane left in the product.

Laws regarding BHO extract vary from state to state. In California it’s in a grey area of the extract law; in Oregon it’s legal to purchase and consume BHO, but illegal to make at home due to the flammability of the extract process.

Know your local laws.  

Whether you use BHO in smoke, edibles, vape, or a dab rig, you’ll experience some of the finest, purest flavors and strongest medicinal benefits from the cannabis flower, aka marijuana.

Safe smoking, 

Alice Snippet 

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Alice Snippet

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