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The BBC news recently reported poop in the bag…

[April 4, 2019]

When street-acquired cannabis was tested, they found fecal-born, illness-causing e. Coli bacteria and aspergillis fungus in dangerous amounts because of the concealed “acorn” method of illegal smuggling.  

E. coli causes bloody diarrhea, vomiting, and severe pain. Apergillis can cause breathing problems.

Up to 40% of the bags tested had “””the aroma of faeces”””!!!

88% of the bud and hash tested was deemed NOT suitable for consumption

Come to Oregon and experience the best of organic grown cannabis… no poop contamination here! Where it’s legal, it’s safe.


Budweiser just announced they’re jumping on the cannabis-bandwagon. They will invest $100 million dollars into the development of cannabis-infused beverages very soon.


Oregon announced this week, hoping to curb the black-market weed flow, they will start cracking down on medical growers who don’t report their grow to the state. Only 15% of growers listed for medical patients comply with the reporting requirement currently.  Reporting rules don’t apply to patients growing for themselves at home.


New Jersey announced today, they will no longer train police dogs to search and alert for cannabis. WIth legalization around the corner for the armpit of New York, dogs trained to find burning bushes and joints would go crazy. We imagine.  

Currently trained dogs will be used in school settings, or jails, where no cannabis should be burnt.  

5. The Michigan Mitten… What does it mean???

Cloud Cover Cannabis (One of Q+Z’s fave farms) is potentially hauling 2000 miles to put their product on the shelves of michigan dispensaries! (ZBD has done this move, the market must be JUICY to make that business trip!)


The Bees are still benefitting from Hemp legalization! Their diversity is increasing as are the flowers they’re allowed buzz around!


Here’s the What-The-Fuck news…

Scientists from the University of California, Berkeley, used a brewers’ yeast to produce THC and CBD molecules from cannabis.

The cannibinoids produced by the yeast would be a cheaper and easier way to produce the molecules beneficial in many medical treatments.

Once the culture is engineered, it can be stored in the freezer, to be later defrosted, added to sugar water and cultured to produce more THC and CBD.

They will be able to produce a pure, clean THC for $400 a Kg, or less than $200 a pound.

4/20 – where will you be? Q will be at GGG, ZBD will be at TWT app launch!

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