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Traditionally volcanoes are a force of Mother Nature to be reckoned, but an electronic weed vaporizing desktop ‘volcano’ is surprisingly useful in the hands of a cannabis consumer.

The Classic Volcano by Storz and Bickel comes in a sleek metal design. With its adjustable temperature and easy set up, it’s a cannabis connoisseur’s dream device.

Is the Vape Volcano Hype Valid?

It’s important to know if a $479 device is worth the price before you buy, luckily Oregon Experts has a team of seasoned smokers to test it out and deem it a gimmick or stoner present gold.

Important factors the team considered while smoking were: vape quality and taste, set up, and of course how high it would get the user (for the sake of their readers of course).

The vapor can be milder for smokers who have trouble with coughing even after taking precautions while still delivering enough vapor to get significant THC and/or CBD effects based on the strain you vaped.

The Volcano turns cannabis flower into a vapor that’s rich with terpenes. You can walk away from the bag of weed bud vape and the air will be contained without getting stale for hours.

The vape bag is cut to your desired length, from a single foot to seven feet long (depending on how many people will be participating).

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How high will a Vape Volcano get you?

Oregon Experts smoked from a 2.5ft vape bag to get the inside scoop for you. We shared several bags total of The White- a sativa strain with high THC.

For a daily cannabis consumer it took only a few inhales to melt our body pain away and replace it with the Mary Jane high we all know and love.

The cannabis vape or vapor itself is velvety smooth, and the high/pain relief is noticeable immediately.

What About Actually Using It?

If you’re worried about the time and set up for the volcano, don’t be! Even the slothiest of stoners can use The Volcano.

The Vape Volcano is an electric device, this means quick assembly: all you need to do is plug the machine in after loading the bowl, select your settings and press go.

One 2.5ft bag of cannabis vape satisfied the group while we prepared dinner and enjoyed the food, which always tastes better when you’re high.

The bag itself was easy to float around the room, it was nice not having to pass around an ashtray, and we didn’t have to worry about losing a lighter when we cleared the table for food.

The Volcano assembles quickly, offers multiple heat settings, and allows users to vape dry cannabis bud instead of distilled concentrates.

Because of how long the vapor lasts in the bag and how much vapor you get from a modest bowl of weed, The Volcano makes the perfect “treat yo’self” holiday present that also saves money on vape cartridges.

Scratchy throat season has started and The Volcano is perfect for a smoother hit than any other form of combustion.

Get yours now here for the perfect cannasseur holiday gift!

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