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Oregon Expert’s ‘Q’ starting taking cannabis for her Ulcerative Colitis chronic pain under the guidance of teachers who were eager educate her about medical marijuana. CBD helped her topically, tinctures in a cozy cup of tea, and getting high to stay positive and present in hard times.

After becoming extremely ill, being prescribed intense medications, and even being unable to work or attend school- a 5mg cannabis-infused gummy seemed like a safe option to try.

Thus began Q’s 2+ year course of healing, in which time Oregon Experts blossomed with her help.

Cannabis infused food (or ‘edibles’) brings pain relief directly to the source for UC or Crohn’s patients (the tummy!). They can also help with sleep, appetite stimulation, and more.

Quinn is considered by her friends to be a magical medicinal marijuana woman who is willing to teach others. Q is an adventurous cannasseur who utilizes many aspects of the herb.

After attending a Glowing Goddess Getaway (woman’s retreat + cannabis), Quinn returned even more entranced by the industry and the plant itself!

She is committed to helping show that cannabis consumption is not true to the stereotypical stigma- many creative, educated innovators and entrepreneurs smoke weed.

In the dawn of recreational and medical marijuana becoming legal in the United States, Quinn, the (Medicinal) Marijuana Woman is here to spread information, art, and articles written with the help of a cup of coffee in the morning.

But first, Cannabis. 😉


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