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Ollie, what are you eating?!?!!!

If cannabis helps me and my pain, can it help my cat?

When our old cat was fifteen, he developed a painful abdominal cancer. The opioid prescribed worked but would wear off early. I had cbd drops from a health food store and with a little online research started to administer a drop or two when the prescription medicine wore off. It worked! Not only would he start to purr, he would look for nibbles of food. Soon we were giving him measured doses every hour. It eased his discomfort, stimulated appetite, both increasing his quality of life.

Our current cat wakes up and eats part of a leaf from my patio cannabis plant that I keep for health juicing. Something in his system signals that it helps his body or digestion. Since there is very little THC in leaves, I let him have at it. He takes three or four bites and is done. His breed is prone to digestive difficulty, and I let natural instinct guide his self-medication. When he is a bit older, I’ll introduce a drop or two of CBD extract oil with his meals as a health tonic.

CBD has been effective in the treatment of feline pancreatitis, IBD, cancer, and epilepsy. Find an experienced vet’s dosing guidelines at .

Extracts limited to CBD, cannabidiol, can definitely help a variety of conditions in your cat. Recreational and medical marijuana contains THC, or tetrahydrocannabidiol, the psychoactive component that can give both humans and kitties a high with the potential for disorientation and mild hallucination. Stick to CBD dominant forms of the herb to keep your kitty mellow and not fearful.

More scientific research is needed in the veterinary field, but the anecdotal evidence is plentiful. CBD can help treat inflammation, pain, and anxiety related to a variety of conditions as well as reducing seizures in cats.

Before your cat has a painful condition, learn about this natural plant resource. Talk with your veterinarian; see if they have experience with alternative pet medicines. Research online and talk with other pet owners. Then, when your cat is in pain, you’ll have no qualms about administering an effective pain control option for your feline fur baby.

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