Oh-so-lovely- Cicero Haze is a sativa strain created and grown by Dr. Jolly’s farm. Oregon Experts purchase the bud from Moss Crossing.

“Smells like when’s you walk up to a fruit stand. Truly the aroma of a bowl of fresh fruit. Expansive smoke, taste hits the back upper part of the palette. The “high” feeling starts in your sinuses and fills your head with ‘stoniness’ – and stops there, no indica feeling body high – it doesn’t incapacitate you. I recommend this strain for daytime outdoor adventures.”

Rip Keves

Chemhistory laboratory tested that Dr. Jolly’s Cicero Haze has 0.06% CBD and a whopping 27.4% THC, but a different lab tested it with the results of 0.71% CBD and 21.11% THC according to StickyGuide.

While the THC levels are impressive regardless, a cannasseur knows that it’s really the terpene profile that makes the high. The Briteside website doesn’t list a source, but it seems to be the only place we can find the strain’s lineage.

Cicero Haze Strain Study by Oregon Experts, picture with fruits and spices to represent terpenes.

“Makes me feel creative, up, alert, and positive!”

Cicero Haze has genetics from three strains: Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze.

This means that Cicero Haze has a terpene profile derived from the following chart. (We were unable to find Cicero Haze’s specific terpene profile.)

TerpenesSkunk Northern LightsHaze



“Smoking this bud is delightful. It smells fruity and citrusy out of the jar, and then with a hint of earthy clove once smoked. The heavy Myrcene and hint of Humulene takes away my body pain. If that doesn’t put me in a good mood, the Limonene will. Good job, Dr. Jolly’s!

Cannasseur Q

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  1. In trying to find more information on this strain I cam across here Moon13. However, I searched AFTER I picked it up. Found it in La Mota in Beaverton, OR. I got a live resin wax of the Cicero Haze.

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