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When it’s time for a social smoke a bad coughing fit can be enough to turn beginners off of smoking …and even annoy some experienced users.

Do I need to cough to get high on cannabis? By Oregon Experts and ZBD

Listen… My most memorable coughing fit happened my freshmen year of college in my soon to be apartment with a future roommate. At this point I had smoked a bit but was still considered a novice.

She took a hit smooth as honey and passed the glass pipe to me. Not wanting to expose myself as a weeny I took a huge quick inhale and immediately felt like I had smoke leaking out of my ears and eyes.

I coughed like my life depended on it and by the time I soothed myself I was ready for a big mug of cocoa and a nap. I stood up and announced I was sleepy before retreating to the safety of my bed to watch spongebob and try to ignore the fact everything was moving in slow motion.

Although coughing can seem to enhance one’s high, it can be uncomfortable or noisy when trying to be discreet.

Contrary to popular belief, coughing does not increase your THC high.

No, coughing is not necessary to get high on cannabis. The stars you see and the light headed feeling is due to the lack of oxygen circulation to your brain (this happens when you cough, with or without weed). Let’s talk about what’s really happening.

Coughing speeds up the “getting high” process – THC and other goodies are absorbed through the walls of your lungs. When you cough, the surface area of your lungs expands and increases… letting more smoke make contact and absorb with each cough as opposed to letting the smoke process at it’s normal, comfortable speed.

Fortunately there are many remedies to avoid having a huge coughing fit when you want to enjoy a smooth easy hit. If you’re smoking out of a pipe or a joint be sure to suck the air into your mouth and then continue inhaling fresh air deeper. This serves as a cushion or smoke-chaser.

When you’re in the middle of coughing, focus on what your body is doing. Where did the cough come from? Chances are that your lungs, diaphragm, or throat is spasming.

Coughing fit suck and can hurt like hiccups. Remedy this by breathing deeply to relax the spasms.

If you’re like I am and find yourself still plagued with the coughs it might be time to invest in a quality glass bong.

I like filling mine with clean ice water for every smoke session for water filtration and to give the smoke a chance to cool down. I find the cooled down smoke not only feel easier going down but also has cured me of my embarrassingly long coughing fits.

Even daily smokers can find themselves in muddy water when beginning a breath too quickly, or playing with bong bowl sizes while experimenting with new strains.

Start off taking smaller hits until you feel confident and safe from coughing and gradually increase at your comfort level.

You’ll be taking bong rips like a pro in no time.

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