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When pain affected my quality of life I began smoking marijuana to help manage it. I was able to eat, sleep, and move around again, and when I moved back in with my parents to focus on healing I was worried I would lose my pain relief (Medical Marijuana).

My parents are straight edge, and have a negative image in their heads of stoners.

I didn’t want to lose my parents respect because of stereotypes.

It took rigorous honesty and open communication.

After a few arguments we found a way to genuinely support each other despite our lifestyle differences. During an outdoor sunset smoke session, my mom came and sat right next to me and my still warm bong.

I asked her if she’d be willing to tell me how she became so accepting of me smoking pot, and she said I could ask her six questions before she went to bed.

Here’s what this mother says about medical marijuana.

(Questions asked by ZBD and answered by her mom)

How did you feel about weed before?

Against it from from watching close friends in the past abusing it, and being “Unproductive dreamers,” I had only seen the negatives and didn’t want you to be stunted in life.

What was your first impression of me smoking weed?

Worried about the mind-altering properties of THC and it just being used to mask the pain and ignore the cause.

What made you accept me using marijuana and advocating for it?

I feel like we went down every western medicine route only for it to not work due to your complex diagnosis. I felt like we tried everything and was worried about it becoming a vicious cycle with no solution, and after watching you use cannabis and have lifestyle changes, with eastern medicine- and not one hospitalization.

Even though there are still hard times I saw a renewed hope and active passion in you. I see that you are mindful of what strains you smoke and it eases my fears

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What are good boundary conversations we’ve had?

Three times you’ve been too stoned for me to be around and feel comfortable, and when I said something every time you were respectful and smoked less of that strain the next time. You also are respectful about smoking outside, keeping it clean, and being mindful of when I have guests over.

What is your favorite thing about me smoking weed?

Kept you from going to the ER from the pain, and it gave you hope that you didn’t have to feel bad forever.

Would you smoke weed in my situation?


It took many awkward and intense conversations but now my mom is able to sit next to me after I smoke and still see me as me.

She doesn’t have to prejudge people who smoke marijuana because she now knows there are ways to successfully and productivly smoke weed.

Now, I’m returning to school after a 6 month medical leave- I am healthier than ever and can’t wait to dedicate myself back to education. 

Medical marijuana made this positive change possible. My family now knows that, and we can work together to remove negative stoner stereotypes. 

Give plants a chance!

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4 Replies to “Talking to Family about Medical Marijuana | ZBD’s Experience”

  1. I 100% support and believe on you. I am proud of your courage and strength and willingness to share your hope with others.



  2. Such a cool article! I am so glad you were able to find relief from your pain. It’s amazing how open and honest communication can build a bridge from one view to another

  3. My husband is a smoker and has been since he was 16. He uses it to help the pain in his body that comes from being a taller than normal man and the toll his hard has on his body. It also helps him with anxiety and stress. We have 3 healthy smart beautiful children and we lead very full and productive lives. It hasn’t stopped him being an amazing husband,father and active member of life.
    I like this article! Thank you for posting it and proud of you.

  4. As a grandmother of a medical marijuana user, I often feel frightened. I smoked my fair share of pot in the sixties. I made a conscious decision to leave pot behind after watching friends go down cartoon lane and dead end their lives. Having said that I see the positives it has given my grand daughter and I am grateful that She has it in her tool bag. I sometimes worry about safe management of pot. We have a lot of addiction in our family, so it makes me anxious. It is an opportunity for me to show her that I trust she will use good judgement. I can’t imagine her life without it. I feel like, without pot to cope with the pain her life would not be worth living I don’t want a life of pain for her. I want the best life possible for her. If this is the tool that makes that happen than I am 100% on board

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