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Oregon Experts Review Journey Pipe Cannabis

My new pipe-search journey started when a friend pulled out a Genius Pipe, a screenless two-piece smoking utensil. I was tired of all of my pipes either clogging too easily, or pulling chunks of ash on the draw. I loved my original proto pipe from twenty years ago, with it’s poker, chamber, and lid all finely machined to fit together perfectly; until the poker fell out, or the chamber got dented. And I could never really clear the four teeny tiny holes in the bottom. 

Although the hit from the Genius pipe neared perfection with its well-engineered cool draw, it could only hold one or two hits.  So my search continued until my thoughtful, cannabis-loving husband gifted me a Journey Pipe 3 for my birthday.

To start, the sleek case, with a small bud or lighter storage compartment, easily fits into a front pocket. The smooth pipe feels like a carved, ocean-polished rock. Because of  the three-piece metal design, cleaning should be a cinch. The lid slides easily to the side, and back with a gentle snap. The circle magnet holds the lid in place so I can just tuck it in my pocket without losing bud to the pocket lint or reeking up the cloth. The bowl is large enough to hold enough bud for a longer walk with the dogs without stopping for a messy refill. I saw the benefit of the Journey Pipe instantly. This is a gift I can really use!

But how does it smoke? The draw is easy and very cool. I almost felt like too much air was being drawn, until I exhaled a full hit. That’s now what I love about this pipe; it has a well-aerated, clean, easy, full-powered hit. The Journey Pipe 3 is designed to draw air in, and around, the cannabis bud for maximum effect. More terpenes remain if the hit is cooler, for better taste and a more complex effect.  

The Journey Pipe 3 is now my favorite pocket pipe, with or without the case. It feels solid in my hand and doesn’t get hot afterwards. It’s the perfect take-a-long pipe, screenless, sleek and smooth, with a consistently cool draw without clogging. I highly recommend this pipe to on-the-go people, who want a fully-loaded bowl of great ganja in a sleek, compact, odorless pocket pipe.  

Journey Pipe Website (not sponsored, we just love it)

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