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oregon experts weed grinder with keif powder collectedNowadays, just about everyone has a cannabis grinder that comes with a screen and a bottom chamber to collect delectable kief, that golden, powdery, high-quality goodness that shakes off the outside of good, dried flowers.


The problem is that it takes forever to collect enough for just a few hits.

What if there were a way to collect kief TEN TIMES FASTER than normal?

Some of you already know about collecting trays. More people have heard of trays that can collect kief, but are reluctant to spend that kind of money on such a device.

After all, a garage sale dish can serve as a pot tray to hold your weed while you smoke.

What follows is a quick method for making your own kief collecting tray.

It’s cost effective, and it works beautifully:

 1) Get a silk screen frame from a craft store. I went to Michaels and got a frame with screen on sale for under $10. (I believe it was 110 micron count which was just fine.)


You can also make your own frame or use an old picture frame, and then buy the silk screen separately.


2) Make sure the screen is very tight on the frame. No loose screen allowed.


3) Find a piece of glass the size of the frame, or a bit larger. (Not smaller.) You can use glass from a picture frame, if the glass isn’t too thin and brittle. You don’t want it to break. This is so the keif has a clean, flat, dry surface to collect on. It’s worth getting the glass panel so you don’t ruin your tables with stickiness, and so that you can move the setup if you so choose.


4) If the glass has sharp edges, be sure to cover them with duct tape or some other protective buffer.


5) Put the silkscreen over the glass, and Voilá, you have a kief tray.


From now on, handle all your weed over the tray.


Break the weed up over the tray. Put your pot on the tray when you have a smoking session.


Divide your weed on the tray. Grade your weed into big buds, smaller flowers, and shake … on the tray.


In other words, give the tray every chance to collect the weed.


From time to time, lift the frame and screen, and scoop up the kief. Use a paint scraper (clean), a card, or a credit card to collect the golden, potent powder.


Any questions?


Rip Keves

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