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by Rip Keves

This year, my wife, an accomplished cannabis grower, will be cultivating Strawberry Cough … a true Strawberry Cough strain, not some imitation.

The Cough is one of those popular varieties that because of its high demand, gets imitated a lot. In other words, some less-than-reputable growers dub their strain Strawberry Cough in an attempt to move more product. Ugh.

I’m glad that most Oregon dispensaries require some sort of genetic proof. At the dispensaries we frequent, a Strawberry Cough is a Strawberry Cough.

Strawberry Cough Clues

First and foremost, this strain … drum roll, please … will remind you of strawberries.

Rubbing up against the plant, and bruising a few leaves or a small flower will release a berry fragrance. It’s definitely distinctive.

And a freshly dried or cured harvest really does smell like you burned your nose in a vat of strawberries. Yum. It even smells like a cheap, kid’s perfume … artificially, too strong, strawberry scent. (This is with a fresher batch.)

Alternately, when some Strawberry Cough batches that we have purchased and smoked still had a strawberry scent- but not as sweet. It was much more of a skunk smell. Still very desirable.

As the stash ages, it begins to lose its aroma, whether sweet strawberry or strawberry skunk. The bouquet fades … but the flavor will remain.

Take a hit of Strawberry Cough and you’ll taste berry. Guaranteed.

In fact, it’s pretty much a requisite to it being a true cough strain.

The berry will be closer to a strawberry flavor. It will definitely NOT be a grape, which means it won’t be the typical grape Indicas found in this area. Remember, think Sativa with this variety.

Strawberry Expansion

One of the reasons I like Strawberry Cough so much is that it reminds me of some of the landrace strains of old. It makes me cough … in a good way.

This is one of those strains that expands in your lungs. You take a small rip and hold it. Quickly, it wells up in your chest and makes it impossible to hold in.

You have to exhale.

And this is how it gets the cough part of its name.

Strawberry cough is one of those special strains: It has a euphoric effect; it will make you feel happy. No kidding.

Even though it’s a Sativa, it’s not a racy sativa. You’ll get a relaxed feeling with your happiness. Not sleepy, but relaxed.

This is a kind that will make you cough a little, and leave a smile on your face. Ahhhhhhh.

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Rip Keves

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