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Whether you’re a seasoned smoker or a recent dabbler of dabs, you know how important it is to know your tolerance.

It may seem less like you’re tolerating the high and more enjoying it, but have one hit too many and it’s bad news for you. The great thing about cannabis is that it can’t actually hurt you. Some people feel that after having too much they need to go to the hospital or seek medical aid. The thing is, you can deal with a too high experience better at home once you realize the worst that will happen to you is you need to sit in the shower for a while or go to sleep. There are many vehicles to transport you to highway green. Each have a degree intensity from, “I just want to chill” to “Paralyzed from fear of moving your hand, which would disturb the space time continuum.”

The best way to figure out how much you can handle is to go slowly. In general it’s easier to get higher than to come down from a high, so pace yourself. If you’re smoking, take one hit (inhale once) and wait 15 minutes. Assess how you feel and if you’d like to be more under the influence, take another hit and repeat. First time smokers should also stay away from dabs until you’re comfortable with your tolerance. Dabs are super potent-some are equivalent to several bowls which is a fast track to an anxiety attack for noobs.

If you’re enjoying edibles… be extra careful. Make sure you know what dosage you’re taking. If you’re a first timer, consume half the edible, wait 30 minutes to an hour and assess. If you don’t feel much, only take another ½ dose- don’t pile up two or three.

Once you feel at a good level of high, decide if that’s where you like to be or if you want to try and push your limits. Doing so carefully will teach you how your body and mind reacts each step of the way. Some strains react differently to each other, with different brain chemistries, or to itself- some people discover that their high plateaus after a certain point and no matter how much they smoke, they won’t get higher. In some cases, smoking more will make the, come down from a high.

The uniqueness of each form of consumption, strain differentiation, and chemistry of the consumer is so vast it’s amazing. This is why it’s so important to know yourself and be confident in your limits. Knowing your tolerance is a key first step in marijuana usage.


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