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The types of hashish or ‘hash’ abound, and were going to discuss a few of the methods that are used to make these delicious cannabis concentrates.

Many areas of the world stake claim to their method of making quality hash.

Instead of attributing a specific style of hash making with a specific region, let’s just talk about the different kinds of hash based on method.

Today, you’ll get a few quick definitions. We can save the discussion of the differences between Afghani hash and Moroccan hash for another post.

Let’s get started!

1. Beginner’s Hash

Oops- too much leaf! Newbies run their shake or even bud through a sieve or some nylon mesh. Then they try to press it with a little heat like with a clothes iron. Which will usually be wrapped in cellophane, and then in wet paper towel.

This is the first step to making hashish, even though it will be low quality and probably won’t stick together.

Still, it’s better than nothing… right?

2. Kief

With just a little more knowledge, you learn that the above method contained too much vegetative material.

You need to separate the good trichomes from the rest of the bud.

You can do this with a bubble bag and dry ice (our favorite method), with a tray or grinder that has a fine mesh screen (110 micron count or smaller/tighter), or by freezing it in a teflon baking dish and then shaking it around and scraping the kief that sticks to the pan.

Once you have the kief, you can smoke it as is. Simply put a small pinch on top of a hit of weed, and then light it slowly.  Mmm mmm good!

There are lot of ways to continue kief’s light “cooking” process to decarboxylate it:

3. Boot Hash

Put some kief in some cellophane, wrap it into a small packet, put that int a little plastic. Tape the bundle as flat as you can, and then put in your shoe or boot.

Then take a walk.

After a few miles, the kief should stick together into a nice loamy hashish. If it’s not stuck together, then you either have too much plant material in your kief, or you haven’t walked long enough.

This is a fun and easy way to make hash.

4. Ironed-  2 Ways

After wrapping kief in cellophane, wrap it in some paper towels, wet the package, and then hit it with a clothes iron.

Iron it on all sides. Iron it until it begins to harden.

Don’t burn it.

Once you peel open the package, and allow it to cool, you’ll have a flat slab of hash.


put a small amount of kief between some parchment paper or between some silicone cooking sheets, and then press is with a hair straightener.

  Note: By using a clamp, and squishing bud or kief at a slightly higher temperature, you can make Rosin Tech (pure concentrate).

Whether using a clothes iron or a hair iron, the principle is similar. Hit the kief with low heat, until the trichomes decarboxylate and stick to each other, forming some nice hash.

5. Palm Hash

Yes, you can make some of the finest quality hash using some “elbow grease.”

My wife has a knack for taking a half gram to a gram of kief and putting it in her palm.

Then using the thumb of the other hand, she presses/rubs the kief into her palm. She repeats this kneading process over and over for ten to twenty minutes … until she has a small wad of hash.

Then she passes it over to me. I knead it some more and then form it into a marble or a die/ball or cube.

This is an old school method, often done in other countries. It can produce some wonderful concentrated smoking material.

6. Metal Pan & Water Over Heat

In some Middle Eastern countries, a big mound of kief is put on a metal pizza dish or baking dish. The dish is put over fire (coals) for heat.

After they put some water in their hands or on the kief, they pick it up and start kneading it, like dough.

They slap it down on the metal and allow it to cook a bit more, before continuing the kneading process.

At some point, it turns almost black (charcoal gray), and it very pliable.

At this point, they package it in plastic for sale.

7. Slamming a Ball of Kief on the Rocks

Some countries put a ounce or three of kief into a piece of cloth, and then twist it into a ball with a long tail. They wet the ball with water.

You hold the tail and slam the ball against the hot rocks that surround a campfire. This process is repeated until the “polm” (kief) turns to hash.

8. Pollen Press

Online, you can find pollen presses that fit in your hand.

You load the press with kief, and then twist the top, to apply pressure.

This makes a nice hockey puck of kief, except …

everyone seems to quit too soon!

Over 90% of the little pucks that I have seen are just pressed kief. They haven’t been decarboxylated to hashish yet.

The answer is to continue pressing.

Take the pressure off, then press again. Do this five of more times.

At least continue until the puck changes color.

These little devices make some powerful hash … if you work the material.

9. Bubble Hash

Probably my personal favorite hash is what’s known as bubble hash.

You put frozen flower (or leaf material) into a bag in a small, portable washing machine and then add water and ice, or you put it in a bucket with water and ice.

Either way, after agitating the material against the ice for 15 minutes, you strain it through progressively finer mesh bags. (You go from 220 count all the way down to 25 micron count.)

At about 73, (some say 90) you begin to get some superb quality sift.

You scrape the “sand” off each bag, press out some of the water, and then allow it to dry thoroughly on cardboard.

We like our 73s and our 25s the most. We sometimes get what’s referred to as “full melt.” Simply bring the flame close to it, and it begins to bubble and melt.

It implodes on itself, and leaves barely any residue.

Now that’s some hash.

  Before the advent of bubble bags, we bought silk shirts from Salvation Army, and then strained all the material through curtain gauze first, and then the shirt to collect the trichomes.

I simply love hashes made with water!

Yes, you can separate your trichomes from your plant material with good, old-fashioned, still-my-favorite-drink water.

Think about it … no butane, no propane, no isopropyl alcohol … just water.

 Let’s talk about solvent concentrates and Rosin Tech in the next post.

10. Jar Shaking

The last type of hashish that we’ll talk about today is also a water separation method.

Basically, whether starting with kief or ground flower, you put a quantity of plant material into a jar of ice-cold water. After covering the jar with a tight lid, you shake the snot out of it.

Then allow the plant material to rise to the top of the water, and the valuable trichomes to sink to the bottom.

Strain off the water and plant material, and scoop out the goodness on the bottom, and of course, allow it to dry before smoking it …. usually over night.

Maybe later we’ll talk about dabs 😉

Happy hash highs!

Rip Keves

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