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  Hi! I’m ‘ZBD’. Diagnoses of Crohn’s Disease, EDS type 3, and fibromyalgia left me unable to take care of myself in my sophomore year of college. After worrying tests results, my doctor decided it would be best for me to move back home and rest, unable to work enough hours to support myself.  

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Over the course of one summer, cannabis transformed me from someone who couldn’t leave the bed due to chronic pain into a warrior who gets up every day and fights the pain.

I asked if there was anything that could help the pain enough to let me feel alive again.

Unfortunately, my body was “too complicated” to try narcotics or muscle relaxants. That was when I committed to making cannabis my medicine.

I started with RSO twice daily, a sesame sized drop under my tongue, and smoked cannabis as needed for pain. This let me start enjoying things once more.

Food, which had been hard to eat, was suddenly enticing again. I was able to sit with my family and make them laugh and enjoy my mom’s current exploration into pinterest culinary. This is after seven months of being a zombified version of ZBD.

As I educated my family on cannabis, they watched how much it helped and encouraged me to smoke more. Soon I was even joining them on family hikes and day trips. I remember being on the Oregon coast on an unexpectedly warm day and my mom handing me a Blue Dream pre-roll with an unwavering look in her eyes and told me to take care of myself.

She wanted to see me living again. I smoked until I felt the sativa hybrid lifting me up as I ran to the waves. Rolling my pants up as far as I could, the salty brine filled my senses- I was unable to stop the tears of unfiltered joy welling in my eyes. The horizon became blurry, but as i stood there panting, looking up, I felt like it had been handpainted just for me.

When I returned to my mom, laying down next to her and wiping my cheeks with sandy hands, she looked at me and asked if I smoked too much.

    “Maybe, I just haven’t run like that in so long,” I said simply.

    She replied, “I think you found your right dosage then.”

Cannabis made it so I was able to push through unimaginable pain and now I hope to share my knowledge and experience with you.

You can read more by me (ZBD) here, or read about what my mom says on my use of marijuana!

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  1. Z, is there any way I can help reach more people? I’ve got a two press screen printer in my room and 30 blank shirts at the ready. Maybe a sleek design may boosts people’s curiosity? I’m so happy to see you back in town!

  2. The struggle was real. Over 6 years in and out of the hospital, doctors, specialists. Never with a real substainable solution. I am grateful that we never gave up. We networked, asked questions and thought out of the box. I am so happy to see you thriving and your devotion to helping other.

    Proud mom❤️

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