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What is RSO?

Full Extract Cannabis Oil (FECO), better known to the medical marijuana world as RSO, is the most potent form of cannabis medicine available. The healing properties of marijuana are plentiful. The best ways to tap into the plant come from the elders with experience.

RSO, or Rick Simpson Oil, is a whole plant extract made from all parts of the cannabis plant.

Although Rick Simpson didn’t invent the FECO now known as RSO, the concentrated cannabis product packed with healing properties, he refined the process and spread the knowledge to the masses. Some RSO features CBD dominant strains, others have a 1:1 THC to CBD ratio for maximum symptom relief effect.

The product is a sticky tar-like substance with a not-so-pleasant taste. Dosing varies depending on the condition being treated by the patient as well as their unique tolerance. RSO is intended for pain relief, not necessarily to get high although higher THC doses will create a psychoactive effect. RSO will also have psychoactive effects if heated before consumption.

An amount the size of a grain of rice on a marshmallow or graham cracker is a good way to start. Cancer patients are advised to use 1 gram a day, this is the equivalent of more than 100 grains of rice, or one ‘tube’ (how it’s bought).

A pure solvent such as isopropyl alcohol or a pure grain alcohol such as everclear, is used to extract all oil from the stem, flower, and leaves of a mature cannabis plant. Some people express concern when they see how the oil is extracted with a soak in a solvent. When handled properly by professionals, the solvent almost completely evaporates during the low heating process.

RSO is good for arthritis, autoimmune pain, some even use it to counter negative effects of chemotherapy.

The author of this article has found relief with RSO in nausea and other chronic autoimmune pain issues.

The many healing benefits of cannabis come from the terpenes and different forms of cannabinoids present in the plant. When the plant is heated, smoked or vaporized, it loses some of these terpenes. The terpenoid and cannabinoid properties are condensed and preserved rather than dissolved or heated off. This equates to full treatment and healing potential for the medical cannabis user.

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