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Though I’ve been known to “dabble” in almost any form of THC concentrates, or any cannabis product for that matter, if you ask for my favorite form of “sticky, gooey concentrate,” then my wife and I have a distinct favorite.

And the winner is …

Rosin Tech!

Rosin, who? Techie what?

Simply put, we prefer concentrates that don’t use a solvent — for a variety of reasons.

First, let’s talk about a few negatives of using “the other concentrates”:

  • It’s not safe to make concentrates with flammable solvents at home. For heaven sake, the solvents used are what we put into lighters and fast stoves. Ugh.
  • Concentrates such as BHO (butane hash oil) and PHO (propane hash oil) can clog the throat. Some people have a very negative effect when they inhale the residue of those gases.
  • BHO, PHO, and QWISO (quick-wash isopropyl alcohol oil) all leave an aftertaste in their THC concentrates. We can ALWAYS tell a concentrate made with a  solvent.

It all comes down to whether or not you want to put that kind of residue into your lungs, and if you want to pay the dispensaries for something that isn’t “technically” pure.

We prefer Rosin Tech … or what we refer to as “Squish.”

We use the simple method of squishing small buds with a cheap hair flattener. You can find free videos online that go into instructions about using parchment paper or silicone mats (what we use).

The taste of Rosin Tech is so pure, so light and so heady, if you squish older buds.

With a lighter colored (clearer) and lower temperature Rosin Tech, you sometimes get a very subtle hit.

You love the taste, but feel that it was barely a hit. You doubt whether it will pack a punch.

Don’t worry.

Pure Squish will get you. Just a wait a minute.


The takeaway from this post is that anytime you can avoid putting chemical residue into your body. Instead … if you’re old enough, and live in an area where it’s legal … choose a pure concentrate.


Any type of Rosin Tech beats BHO and PHO, hands down.


Next time, let’s talk about the different kinds of hash.

Rip Keves

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