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by ZBD

Over the past year I’ve had a roommate who hates the smell of cannabis. I went through risky diy smoke filter attempts and even tryied out other bulky, conspicuous smoke filters.

Through all this hastle, the cannabis smell still wasn’t masked.

That was until I got my Rose Freebuds carbon smoke filter. It fits right in the palm of my hand, with a sleek metal body and a silicone mouthpiece.

Was this the filter I had been looking for? After doing a trial run in my room I gave the freebuds filter the ultimate test, smoking in the “offlimit” kitchen.

The stakes were high as I smoked into the filter  while making pancakes. Would they be able to smell it? I put my bong away and called them into the room asking if they could smell anything weird. They sniffed the air for awhile, looked to see if I had anything wrong with my food, before saying,

“No, why?”

I told them I had just been smoking in the kitchen and showed them my filter.

They were both shocked and didn’t quite believe it, as other filters have failed us before, so I got my bong back out to prove it.

After a few bong rips blown into the Freebuds, smoke completely disappearing- they were satisfied and have let me smoke in the kitchen as long as I change the carbon filter!

This post is not sponsored- we just really care about your lung health and wanted to share what works for us.

Use the code “oregonexperts” for 10% off yours!


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