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Cough or Not- Recover

We’re all educated here, we know that smoking of any type affects our lung health.

It doesn’t have to be smoking nicotine; cannabis can also affect the health of our lungs and our breathing capacity. (Cannabis and lung health is still in the works of being researched)

One way we judge whether or not the weed smoke is affecting us too much is by our ability to quickly recover from a hit.

The times that we do cough, our body usually returns to normal as soon as the coughing fit has subsided. When the hit is too large, or expands in our chest, we cough … but we have a reasonable expectation of recovering in a minute or two.

If you continue to cough, it might be a sign that you have some sort of lung irritation.

Lung Irritation

Whether you’re suffering from a cold or cough, or have simply smoked too much lately, sometimes your lungs just can’t handle the smoke inside it. You cough more than normal … or acceptable.

You’ve seen this happen before. The person takes a hit a immediately starts to cough uncontrollably. There is no chance to hold in the hit.

The coughing begins immediately after inhaling.

I “love” watching people fill a too-big-bowl, when they are in this lung-irritated state. They start to take a hit, and they spew smoke out all around their head, mid hit.

Then, before recovering, they continue to take more from the bowl and they immediately start coughing more.

They tap the lighter to the bowl, yet again, and yet again sputtering and spewing. Lungs Thoroughly Irritated.

Modifying How You Smoke For A While

If you find yourself in lung irritated mode, you really do need to modify the way you take hits, at least for a while.

One option is to add ice to a bong and cool down your hits. This might offer you some lung relief.

Another, probably better choice is to fill your bong with warm water. Believe it or not, the warmth will soothe the lungs, and possibly allow you to take a hit without incessant coughing.

The next recommendation is that along with warmer water, you start taking mini bong rips … at least until your body recovers.

And finally, avoid all the worst lung offenders. Skip joints, bats, spliffs, and blunts … for now. Also, say no to small or ‘dry’ pipes.

Try to smoke with a utensil that offers some type of water filtration.

The Elephant in The Room of Coughing Cannabis

Of course, none of us want to admit the true answer to irritated lungs and lots of coughing each time you inhale.

If you are at the point where every hit causes you to cough, if you can’t hold your hits, and if it seems to others that you are “wasting smoke,” then there is an obvious answer.

Lay Off the Herb!

Take a hiatus. Give your lungs a badly-needed rest. Become a tea totaler for a period of time.

At the very least, cut down. Reduce your intake.

Increase the time between smoking sessions.

And maybe … just maybe … discover the world of cannabis infused edibles.

And warning: If the cough remains … it might be time to check in with your doctor.

This is just an article. Only you can be responsible for your own health.

Keep in mind, your cannabis cough is a symptom, a clue, and maybe even a warning.

Be nice to your body!

Rip Keves

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