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By Cannasseur Q

So, you’ve just learned about BHO (butane hash oil) and your dab collection is STACKED.

I’ve been there. I AM there. This investment makes it even harder to hear, but… things are changing.

Have you heard of Rosin or ‘Rosin Tech’? Solventless dabs. Yes, you can get all the flavor (and more!) without solvents.

Whether it’s by using a rosin press, making classic kief, or even rosin-pressing that kief, there are so many different methods of making dabs or cannabis concentrate without using a solvent.

Side note: Terminology can be hard to distinguish! To my understanding, if a solvent is used, it is called a cannabis ‘extraction’ whereas if there’s no solvent it’s simply a ‘concentrate’.

Butane and propane cannabis extractions are dangerous to produce and harsh to smoke.

In my opinion, it seems silly to extract and isolate parts of cannabis (THC) only to artificially add the terpenes back in.

With low temp rosin presses, you can preserve the original terps and even get gorgeous ‘budder’ consistencies!

You heard me! Solventless Budder!

After a Rosin or Solventless process, the left over plant matter can be used in edibles and tinctures. It’s a win-win for the whole plant and medical marijuana patient.

This blog post is sharing my thought process. I’m not discrediting RSO- there just are some interesting societal advancements happening. They might be worth paying attention to.

Is this on par with the ‘Organic Produce’ movement?

Flavored vape cartridges have their place in our heart, but you have to admit that rosin technology is evolving quite quickly.

With the ever growing bank of solventless dab consistencies and applications, my prediction:

The future is Solventless.

xoxo Q

Do our lungs deserve better, or is this just a trend? Comment below and let’s chat!

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